Mega Guide FP&A

I created this FP&A Mega Guide which is a compilation of my best visual content for FP&A and Finance Professionals.

The Mega Guide includes:

The 12 FP&A Principles
How To Be Finance Business Partner
Three Principles For Finance Professionals
PVM Analysis: Application In Real Life
How To Calculate The Exchange Rate Effect
Vertical Analysis
Infographic Financial Analysis
Budgeting Process
Zero Based Budget
Forecast Method: Risks & Opportunities
Sales Forecasting - Opportunity Stage
Rolling Forecast
CAPEX - Budget and Control
Infographic - Sales Forecasting
Infographic - 9 Levers To Improve Your Cash
CCC: Cash Conversion Cycle
3 Ways To Improve Cash
3 Ways To Automate Your Work
10 Chart Design Tips
How To Select The Most Appropriate Chart
Excel Tip 1: How To Make A Combo Chart
Excel Tip 2: Link A Textbox To A Specific Cell
Excel Tip 3: Reporting Figures In Thousands And Millions
Excel Tip 4: How To Solve Circular References
Excel Tip 5: How To Repeat Row Labels
Top 10 Excel Specialists To Follow
10 Ways To Improve Your Reporting
CV Tips For Finance

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