A digital course by: Nicolas Boucher


01 How to analyse variances

– Analyse sales and margin variances, including product mix (PVM Method)
– Understand cost variances
– How to calculate project variances

02 How to perform quick analysis

– Identify insights from raw data
– Link financial figures with operational data
– Learn how to make back-of-the-envelope calculations
– Headcount related KPI and analysis
– Understand how you can use variance, profitability and sensibility analysis to bring insights to your company
– Sales Forecasting

03 How to make your reporting faster

– Find ways to simplify your reporting
– Automate your reporting
– Build a process to accelerate your reporting

04 How to be a better business partner

– Understand the needs of your business partner
– Manage demand and deadlines
– Translate business events into financials
– How to make convincing finance presentations
– Storytelling with figures and charts

05 How to make Excel and PowerPoint work for you

– The main Excel functions I use which make me more efficient
– Learn how to use the rights Charts in Excel
– Transform your slides into a visually attractive and convincing business presentation with a specific Powerpoint function
– Automate your presentations

What others say about me

Nicolas, I had a look at the content. I can see its very impressive, well done.
Colm from Ireland
Pace is nice and the short segmented videos was a nice way to set up the course.
Angela from USA
I am going through your course and its amazing. Each and everything you explained nicely.
Subhasis from India

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