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What others say about me

Colm from Ireland

Nicolas, I had a look at the content. I can see its very impressive, well done.

Angela from USA

Pace is nice and the short segmented videos was a nice way to set up the course.

Subhasis from India

I am going through your course and its amazing. Each and everything you explained nicely.

Pankaj from Germany

I have done a big mistake not taking this course before. I was failed in one interview 2 weeks back and I am seeing now that all the answers were in your course.

Areas of Expertise

I share insights and tips on LinkedIn, in my newsletter and in my course.

I helped 100s of Finance Professionals accelerate their career.

In my course, they learned what helped me go from junior Finance Professional to reach Senior Management roles in Finance, FP&A and Controlling.

Living in 5 different countries across 3 different continents (France, USA, Luxembourg, Singapore and Germany) gave me the capacity to integrate myself quickly and understand different local and working cultures.

The last 7 years I worked for Thales Germany and held several different roles: Head of Finance Transformation, Head of Finance and Controlling as well as Senior Manager in Business Controlling.

Before that I worked for PwC in Luxembourg and Singapore. My 7 years’ experience as a consultant and auditor for a Big 4 company helped me develop a goal oriented mind-set as well as a high sense of commitment and responsibility.

I am a fast learner, easy to connect with and a strong believer of managing by example.
Staying up to date with the recent trends and developing myself is a primary focus for me.

I am married and a happy father of 2 daughters. We both learn from each other and we enjoy reading french books together, go outside and when we can go on holidays to discover the world!

Sportwise, I keep always sometimes in the week to workout and play football (soccer).

Traveling and tasting new food are some of my favorite experiences. But if you ask me where is the most beautiful place and where can we find the best food in the world, I have only one response: my hometown, Brittany in France.

-Controlling, budgeting & forecasting
-Finance & accounting
-Cross-cultural management, coaching and training
-Analytics, Business Performance and Activity Dashboard
-Audit & controls
-Financial Modelling
-Financial Statements and Cash Flow
-Business Intelligence
-Fluent in French (native speaker), English and German

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