Controlling 4.0 – Management Control Processes and Controllers’ Role of the Future by Heimo Losbichler

Heimo Losbichler use the pace of change in controlling from 1899 until today to introduce the future of controlling. We learn that the main factors of change are research for efficiency, automation and shifting of the role of controller.

Stepping Outside the Box: Elevating the Role of the Controller by Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

This report from IMA & Deloitte reveals that many controllers feel “boxed” into the traditional role of their title, while others have seats at the executive table.

The report concludes with ways strategic controllers stand out:

• “Strategy” is part of their job description

• Gain support of top management for resources they need

• Focus on business’ strategy and effective communication

• Commitment on growing current talent to reduce skill gap

• Focus on leveraging new technology