The most underrated skill in the professional world

Public speaking can be learned by everyone. The way you look, stand, act and speak is responsible for more than 90% of how your audience perceives your message. Your content counts for less than 10%! Work on your handshake: put all the chances on your side to make that first good impression. Work on your posture, your eye contact and the way you walk to win the room (check online for exercise to improve posture) Activate your body to have a clear mind and all your body aligned (Ursula has a really good exercise called “The Nut” (Die Nuss in German) to activate the core body before a presentation) Work on your articulation and your tone (your speaking muscles need a bit of stretching and practice, but you see really quickly an improvement To speak louder, visualize yourself as if you were talking to somebody at the end of the room. Think about where you place your hands and how you stand (hands should be visible, open and you should be on your two feet) Imagine the audience being a group of friends and that you are going to tell them a story. You should speak in a natural way. Get excited about your topic: if you are not excited, who is going to create the excitement in your audience?