AI & ChatGPT.

Team Building 4 Hours

  • Intro

    What Are the Benefits of AI for Businesses

  • Part 1

    Risks & Limitations of AI

  • Part 2

    How to Prompt ChatGPT + Exercise

  • Part 3

    How to Draft Procedures With ChatGPT

  • Part 4

    Solve Problems With AI + Group Exercises

  • Part 5

    How to Use ChatGPT for Data Analysis

  • Part 6

    Other Examples of AI Tools for Business

  • Part 7

    Identify AI Use Cases for Your Business

  • Part 8

    Build the Business Canvas of Your Use Cases

  • Bonus

    PDF Guide & Prompts List

"Start your AI roadmap"

  • Accelerate AI acceptance as a team

  • Identify the use cases of ChatGPT

  • Provide the initiative to your teams to start adopting AI

  • Create a dynamic and positive mindset around AI and its benefits

  • Identify business cases where AI can help your business


4 Hours


Individual & Group Exercises


In-person Workshop


Business Professionals

About The Speaker


Nicolas is a recognized thought leader on AI for Business.
He has 15 years of experience in leadership positions.

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Nicolas may be the best expert in the world on how finance leaders and professionals can be more effective and efficient using Al and large language models.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our four-hour workshop goes beyond mere instruction, fostering collaboration, communication, and creativity among team members through interactive exercises and group activities centered around ChatGPT. Join us for an immersive team-building experience like no other.

Our workshop aims to strengthen team cohesion, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster innovation by leveraging the power of ChatGPT as a collaborative tool. Prepare your team for success in the AI-driven future of finance through engaging activities and hands-on learning.

Experience the transformative potential of ChatGPT firsthand as we incorporate it into team-building activities, problem-solving challenges, and creative exercises designed to promote synergy and collaboration among team members. Get ready to unleash your team's collective intelligence with ChatGPT.

Absolutely! Our workshop provides practical guidance on harnessing ChatGPT's capabilities for teamwork, communication, and decision-making. From collaborative brainstorming sessions to interactive problem-solving exercises, your team will gain valuable skills for leveraging ChatGPT as a team resource.

Yes, ethical considerations are an integral part of our workshop discussions. We'll explore topics such as bias mitigation, data privacy, and responsible AI usage to ensure that your team approaches ChatGPT deployment with integrity and accountability.

Through interactive brainstorming sessions, ideation challenges, and creative problem-solving exercises, our workshop cultivates a culture of innovation and encourages team members to think outside the box. Discover how ChatGPT can spark creativity and fuel innovation within your team.

Absolutely! Our workshop creates a collaborative and supportive environment where team members can connect, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships. Take advantage of networking opportunities and team-building exercises to strengthen bonds and foster camaraderie within your team.

Yes, our workshop includes a variety of hands-on exercises and group activities designed to reinforce key concepts, promote teamwork, and enhance problem-solving skills. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into engaging, interactive learning experiences with your team.

Our workshop is designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned finance professional or new to AI technologies, our inclusive approach ensures that everyone can actively participate and contribute to the team-building experience.

Yes, all participants will receive comprehensive resources, including workshop materials, guides, and follow-up support to facilitate continued learning and implementation of ChatGPT within their teams. Our goal is to empower your team for ongoing success beyond the workshop.

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