I am a finance professional with 13 years experience in audit and controlling, lived in 5 countries and learned 3 languages.

My goal is to help the Finance, Controlling and FP&A community with tips, templates and best practices.

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How would I describe this course in one sentence:

This is the course I would create for myself if the actual me was going to teach the young me all the secrets to be a successful finance professional.

Why you need to take this course:

– You want to get more efficient and add more value to your business

– You don’t have access to appropriate coaching to improve your performance

– You are stuck in a routine and you feel you have hit a roadblock

– You don’t find appropriate resource online that can help you with improving your work

– You want to bring your career to the next level

Who the course is for:

– Any finance professional with the motivation to improve his soft and technical skills

– Finance professionals wanting to transition in a role with more analysis, forecasting and business partnering activities

– Students wanting to learn real world professional skills directly applicable to your next position in Finance