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My goal is to help all finance professionals leverage AI to accelerate their careers.

I have already helped more than 5,000 professionals through my video courses and my corporate training.

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About Me

Welcome to my digital sanctuary! Here, you’ll catch a glimpse of my world—where passion meets purpose. Join me on this virtual journey as we explore the stories, experiences, and interests that define who I am.

My mission

I am on a mission to help 1 million Finance Professionals learn how to use AI in their work.

I believe AI can help Finance be more productive and add more value.

Finance should be the AI champions of their organisation.

If you want to know more about how I can help you, check my courses here or join the AI Finance Club.

My experience

Living in 5 different countries across 3 different continents (France, USA, Luxembourg, Singapore and Germany) gave me the capacity to integrate myself quickly and understand different local and working cultures.

My 7 years’ experience as a consultant and auditor for a PwC helped me develop a goal oriented mind-set as well as a high sense of commitment and responsibility.

After this, I have had several Finance leadership positions during my 8 years at Thales Germany, notably working on a 500m€ business in transportation and being part of the management of a 400 people manufacturing site.

My private life

I am married and a happy father of 2 daughters. We both learn from each other and we enjoy reading french books together, go outside and when we can go on holidays to discover the world!

Sportwise, I keep always sometimes in the week to workout and play football (soccer).

Traveling and tasting new food are some of my favorite experiences. But if you ask me where is the most beautiful place and where can we find the best food in the world, I have only one response: my hometown, Brittany in France.


What My Clients Say

Explore the voices of my clients with their transformative experiences and positive outcomes.

Jeff Epstein

Nicolas may be the best expert in the world on how finance leaders and professionals can be more effective and efficient using AI and large language models.

Jeff Epstein

Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, ex-CFO of Oracle, Board Member of Twilio

Jack McCullough

Nicolas recently spoke to an audience of 300 members of the CFO Leadership Council, and his presentation was perfect. Many people claim to be experts in both finance and generative AI, but few are. Nicolas is the real deal.

Jack McCullough

Founder and President, CFO Leadership Council

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