Business partnering

Introduction to what is financial business partnering on a blue background with an illustration.

What is Financial Business Partnering?

For many years, financial business partnering has existed in some shape or another. But in recent years, there has been an increase in the need for efficient financial business partners with businesses of all kinds. Therefore, the finance department must adapt as the business climate gets more complicated. Additionally, businesses understand that in order to … Read more

Introduction on the top 15 questions to ask your business partner on a blue and white background with an illustration.

Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Business Partner

Combining efforts with your business partner may be a wise, win-win decision. However, both sides must be aware of the qualities they are seeking in a business partner before taking that action. Therefore, taking the time to make sure the connection is successful lowers the possibility of future misunderstandings with your business partner. Moreover, if … Read more