Introduction on how to use business intelligence tools in finance on an orange and white background with an illustration.

How Can You Use Business Intelligence Tools in Finance?

Huge quantities of organized and unstructured data are gathered, processed, and analyzed by business intelligence tools in finance from internal and external systems. There are many different types of data sources, such as raw files, ERP databases, emails, CRM data, archives, online data, and much more. Business Intelligence (BI) tools employ query to retrieve this … Read more

Introduction to the top 10 manufacturing KPIs that you need to learn in finance on an orange background with an illustration.

10 Manufacturing KPIs That You Need to Learn in Finance

Learn about the Top Ten Manufacturing (KPIs) Key Performance Indicators that every finance professional must know. In other words, these metrics are crucial for understanding your bottom line and projecting for the future. Top 10 Manufacturing KPIs Here are the top ten manufacturing KPIs you need to learn in finance. #1: Manufacturing KPIs – Production … Read more

Introduction to the 650+ tips on Microsoft Office tools on an orange and white background with an illustration.

650+ Tips on Microsoft Office Tools for Finance Professionals

Microsoft Office is a collection of desktop productivity tools created primarily for corporate usage. It was originally made available in 1990 and is a Microsoft Corporation proprietary software. Therefore, in terms of providing contemporary office-related document-handling software environments, Microsoft Office has long been the industry standard. I just discovered this immense catalog of tips made by Karen Roem. … Read more

Introduction to the Rule of 72 on a blue background with an illustration.

The Rule of 72 for Finance Professionals

Imagine you could calculate how long it takes to double your money just with a simple formula. Have you heard about the Rule of 72? The Rule of 72 is a simple, effective rule frequently used to determine how many years are needed to double an investment at a specific yearly rate of return. Also, … Read more

Introduction to 50 time-saving Excel shortcuts for finance professionals on an orange background with an illustration.

50 Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts for Finance Professionals

Numerous keyboard shortcuts that Excel provides can help you operate more quickly and productively. More importantly, significant operations may be carried out with just two or three keystrokes rather than using the mouse to enter the toolbar. Isn’t that quicker and easier? Excel shortcuts significantly speed up work and cut down on the workload. Therefore, … Read more

Introduction on how to create POC with the Sprint Technique on an orange and white background with an illustration.

How to Create POC with The Sprint Technique in Finance?

Using design, prototyping, and consumer testing, the sprint is a five-day method for addressing important business questions. To clarify, it is a “best hits” compilation of business strategy, innovation, behavior research, and design thinking packaged into a tried-and-true approach that any team can apply. You may shorten the lengthy discussion cycle and create POC with … Read more