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Do you want to increase your productivity and learn Excel tips for finance professionals? Using Excel is part of the routine for you if you’re like the majority of financial professionals. It is a tool that has been in use for a long time because of how well it can modify, preserve, and show data.

Despite the widespread usage of this application, not all financial professionals are using Excel to its full potential. Also, Excel can dramatically boost your productivity when you utilize a few simple strategies. Here are five Excel tips for finance professionals you should know as a financial expert using this potent tool out of the many beneficial Excel capabilities.

Top 5 Excel Tips for Finance Professionals

Here is a detailed explanation of each of the tips.

#1: Excel Tip for Finance Professionals

How to make a Combo Chart in Excel?

#1: Excel tip: example of a Combo Chart


  1. Select your chart
  2. Then, go to Design in the Excel Ribbon
  3. Select Change Chart Type
  4. After that, Choose Combo
  5. Lastly, click secondary Axis

Example of a Comb Chart in Office 2010


  1. Select one of the series in your chart
  2. Subsequently, right-click “Format Data Series”
  3. After that, select Secondary Axis
  4. Then, right-click again on the series and choose “Change series Chart type”
  5. Choose another chart type

Secondary axis Excel

#2: Excel Tip

Learn how to link a Textbox to a specific cell in two easy steps.

1. Insert the Text Box

  • Click the Text Box button under the Insert tab.
  • Insert a textbox in your worksheet.

#2: Excel tip - Text Box

2. Type Formula

  • Select the text box.
  • Then, go to the formula bar.
  • Type in the “=” symbol.
  • Finally, click on the cell you want to link.

#2: Excel tip - typing Formula

#3: Excel Tip for Finance Professionals

Reporting Figures in thousands and millions.


  • You have to report figures in thousands or in millions.
  • You are dividing your numbers by 1,000 or 1,000,000 to show your numbers in thousands or in millions.


  1. Select your cell with the number you want to show in thousands
  2. Afteward, Right-click and select “Format Cells”
  3. The “Format cells” dialog opens
  4. Go to the “Number” view
  5. Then, in the Category, select “Custom”
  6. After that, type or select the following format: #,##0
  7. Afterward, if you want to show thousands, add a comma at the end of the syntax: #,##0,
  8. Furthermore, if you want to show millions, add two commas at the end of the syntax: #,##0,,

#3 Excel tip example
Here are some bonus tips:

  • If you want to show a k after the figures for thousands, use: #,##0,”k”
  • If you want to show a k after the figures for thousands, use: #,##0,,”m”


  • If you want to show decimals, use the following format: #,##0.0, (for thousands).


  • Use this technique to convert your numbers format in your Pivot tables value to have automated reports.
  1. In the Pivot Table, select one of the cells with the value you want to format
  2. Then, right-click and select “Value Field Settings”
  3. Furthermore, click Number Format at the bottom of the dialog box.
  4. In the Format Cells dialog box, in the Category list, click the number format that you want to use

#4: Excel Tip

Learn how to solve Circular References.

Do you get Warnings from Excel about Circular References but never pay attention to them?

#4: Circular References

Just go to Excel Ribbon

  1. Click “Formulas”
  2. Click “Error Checking”
  3. Click “Circular references”

#4: Excel tip - how to do it

Then Excel shows you the list of cells with circular references if you have some.

#5: Excel Tip

Learn how to repeat Row Labels.

You have a table with row labels not repeated.
Problem: you can not use this table to make a pivot table.

#5: Excel tip table

  1. Select the columns with the empty row labels.
  2. Then, press the F5 function key
  3. Click Special…
  4. Afterward, select Blanks and click OK (all blank cells in the data will be selected)
  5. Press the = sign once and the UP arrow key once (you will see a formula appearing in a cell).
  6. Finally, press CTRL+ENTER to finish
  7. All the blank cells will now be filled in with the values. Note that they are all formulas and must be converted to values.
  8. Copy the entire range and paste it as a value


#5: Excel tip example

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The Bottom Line – Accelerate Your Finance Career with These Excel Tips for Finance Professionals

Finally, with these Excel tips for finance professionals, you’re on the right path to dominating Excel in your workplace. Still curious to know more? Additionally, if you want to learn more Excel tips and trick, you can take my course for finance professionals and become an expert.

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