How Can You Use ChatGPT for Accounting?

How Can You Use ChatGPT for Accounting?

Do you know that you can use ChatGPT for accounting in your everyday work?

As AI continues to advance, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

One emerging trend in this space is the use of AI-powered chatbots for accounting.

Therefore, in this post, we will explore how you can use ChatGPT for accounting and the benefits it offers.

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Use Cases of ChatGPT for Accounting

Here are some cases in which you can use ChatGPT for accounting.

#1: Dunning Email/Letter

A dunning letter is a notification sent to a customer stating that it is overdue to pay an account receivable to the sender.

If you don’t have any template for your dunning process and you want to create letters to your clients who don’t pay you, this is the fastest way to create a dunning letter.

I am an accountant, I need to write a letter to my client for overdue, can you write a letter that politely asks for payment of the invoice from “date” for an amount of $XXX which is due for XX days.


Infographics of prompt and result from ChatGPT.


Infographic of the prompt and result of ChatGPT.

#2: Teach you How to Use SAP

SAP is present in many companies. Unfortunately, you don’t always get proper training on how to use SAP and there is often a lack of good documentation.
On top of that, there are not a lot of tutorials available online.
But with ChatGPT, you can get a good step-by-step tutorial. Based on your prompt, ChatGPT will tell you which transaction you can use and what to enter to make the transaction work.
On top of that, you can use it to help you produce documentation, SOP, and training guides.
Tell me which transaction I can use to see the details of a balance sheet account in SAP and explain step by step how to use it to make it work.

Infographics of prompt and result from ChatGPT.

Infographics of prompt and result from ChatGPT.

Infographics of prompt and result from ChatGPT.

#3: Assist you in working with Excel

ChatGPT can help users streamline repetitive tasks and easily uncover insights in their Excel data. Whether it’s identifying trends and patterns or building dynamic dashboards, ChatGPT can either perform the task directly or provide detailed, step-by-step guidance.

This support allows users to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in data analysis and reporting in Excel, making the most of AI to manage complex or time-consuming tasks.

Prompt (Make sure to keep your information confidential):
I have an Excel file with two tabs. The first tab includes 3 columns. The first column is my sales orders with the sales ID. The second column is the sales in dollars. The third column is the customer IDs.

In the second tab, I have two columns. The first column is my customer ID, and the second column is the country.

I want to get the sales per country. How can I do that?


Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Accounting

There are many benefits that ChatGPT offers for accountants and finance professionals, and here are some of them:

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
    How? It can help you with invoice processing, bank reconciliation, payment reminders, and vendor communications
  • Finance Procedures
    How? It can help you draft SOPs, emails to pending overdue clients, internal controls, closing procedures, etc
  • Tutorial for tools
    How? It can make tailored tutorials for you on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerBI, SAP, Quickbooks, etc
  • Productivity
    How? It can save you time by generating ideas, drafting emails, correcting and translating text, and also help you communicate something complex in a more simple manner
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
    How? It can assist you in preparing your budget with different types of analyses and scenarios
  • Tax and Audit
    How? Tax code research, Tax filing assistance, risk assessment, audit planning and preparation etc.

That’s not all! When you master the prompt techniques, ChatGPT will become your #1 assistant as it can assist you or guide you with processes, drafting your written communication, preparing you for meetings, and much more!

The Final Verdict – ChatGPT is the Future of Accounting

In summary, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes improve their accounting processes.

It has numerous benefits, and it can help you advance in your career and make a difference in your workplace.

By using ChatGPT, you can automate your accounting tasks and focus on providing bigger value in the strategic tasks.


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Q: What is ChatGPT, and how can it be used in accounting?

A: ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that assists with various accounting tasks such as generating reports, drafting emails, financial analysis, tax filings, and providing tutorials for accounting software like SAP and Excel. It helps accountants focus on strategic tasks.

Q: Can ChatGPT replace accountants?

A: No, ChatGPT is not designed to replace accountants. It automates repetitive tasks and provides insights, allowing accountants to improve efficiency and focus on higher-value activities, leading to potential career advancement.

3. What specific accounting tasks can ChatGPT assist with?

Answer: ChatGPT can help draft dunning letters, provide SAP tutorials, analyze data in Excel, manage invoices, create financial documentation, and much more.

4. How does ChatGPT help with financial analysis and reporting?

Answer: ChatGPT identifies trends, guide you in creating dashboards, guides data analysis in Excel, assists in preparing budgets and forecasts, and much more.

5. What are the benefits of using ChatGPT for accountants and finance professionals?

Answer: Benefits include increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, improved financial analysis accuracy, better communication, continuous learning, and becoming irreplaceable!

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