rolling forecast

What Is A Rolling Forecast in Finance?

A rolling forecast is a sort of financial model that uses previous data to anticipate a company’s future performance over an ongoing period. A rolling forecast is periodically updated throughout the year to reflect any changes, in contrast to static budgeting, which projects the future for a set period of time, such as January to December.

Each department uses rolling forecasts for planning, budgeting, supply chain management, and financial reporting. In order to make wise business decisions, this is a crucial tool. Furthermore, this tool will re-forecast the next twelve months (NTM) at the end of each month or each quarter.

Why Use It?

With the Rolling Forecast, you always have a view over the next twelve months. It’s ideal for supply chain, production plan, and recurring business revenue. Meanwhile, with traditional budgeting, this view shrinks over time. So, it’s ideal for more long-term planning and an overview of the full spectrum of a company.


  • Less time consuming
  • More accurate short-term view
  • Recalibration of mid-term forecast


  • Difficulty to implement
  • Forecast changing constantly
  • Need for planning tools

Steps of Rolling Forecast?

  1. Determine the goals.
  2. Think about the time frame.
  3. Then, decide on the level of detail.
  4. Determine who has contributed to the process.
  5. Establish the value drivers.
  6. Additionally, check the data’s origin.
  7. Create situations and sensitivity levels.
  8. Analyze predictions, both real and estimated.

Rolling Forecasts Are The Future

Are you in favor of this new method or the traditional method?

If the company has a static budget, it will have to wait until the upcoming budgeting period to update the budget to reflect the changes.

The practice of utilizing a rolling forecast, however, enables a business to react to such market developments more swiftly.

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