Introduction to professional PowerPoint slides on a blue background with an illustration.

How to Make Professional PowerPoint Slides?

I used to spend hours making PowerPoint presentations. But one day, I discovered a magic functionality in PowerPoint. As a result, I spent less time, and I started creating professional PowerPoint slides and presentations. This functionality is called “SmartArt.”

What Is Smart Art?

A SmartArt graphic is a visual representation of your information and ideas.

For example, last week, somebody asked me to help him make a list more visual and appealing. Therefore, thanks to the SmartArt function, I could turn this list into a great visualization within a few minutes.

What is the best part? 

You can add or delete elements, and the graphic changes by itself!

How to get started?

  1. Go to Insert
  2. Select SmartArt
  3. Choose your graphic
  4. Add your content

Check out this video to discover more details about the best PowerPoint functionality.

What kind of functionalities does it offer?

  • List
  • Process
  • Org chart
  • Relationship
  • Timeline
  • Matrix

What is my advice?

So, if you want to make the best out of this functionality:

  • Prepare first your content in bullet points in text form.
  • Then choose the format.
  • Doing this in this order will save you time.
  • If you choose the format first and try to fit text inside, you are going to lose a lot of time.

The Bottom Line – Making Professional PowerPoint Slides Is Easy

To begin with, I recommend you stop creating your own unique graphics and instead seek ways to leverage SmartArt to create quick visualizations.

Moreover, it will save you a huge amount of time, and you will produce graphics of high quality. Additionally, making professional presentations is a skill that can be learned, just like any other.

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