How AI Is Changing Our Jobs as a Finance Professionals?

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AI will have an influence on every employee, in every sector of the economy, and in every nation. There are serious worries that AI may completely eliminate jobs.

The unpleasant realities of workforce automation have been widely reported on, especially as it relates to particular job categories and populations. For instance, the Brookings Institution concluded that 25% of all US employment is at risk from automation, with a focus on low-wage workers in roles where duties are routine in character.

According to a different survey, 58% of the positions with the highest risk of automation are held by women.

What Changes Will AI Cause in The Future?

However, here are the coin’s two sides. Humans will lose some professions to robots and AI, but they will also gain new ones as a result. Since 2000, 1.7 million manufacturing jobs have been gradually eliminated thanks to robots and automation technologies.

On the other hand, it is anticipated that by 2025, AI will generate 97 million new employment.

Two-thirds of workers say they trust orders from a robot more than ones from their manager, and half have previously asked counsel from a robot rather than their manager.

At American Express, AI now handles judgments such as determining which product offer is most pertinent to various consumer categories, obviating the need for management and staff to debate these responsibilities.

The role of a manager won’t be replaced by AI; rather, it will be supplemented. In the future workplace, people and robots will collaborate to do tasks more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Artificial intelligence is changing our jobs, and either you adapt, or you get lost!

Here is a table extracted from an article by the World Economic Forum.

The Bottom Line – Artificial Intelligence Will Bring Opportunities

Success in the future of AI will depend on a systematic approach to workflow automation, process optimization, and personnel reskilling. Also, companies will be in a strong position to expand, advance, scale, and flourish as a consequence. It’s a good idea to get in and learn everything you can about using AI if you’re tech-savvy.

If your expertise is in a different sector, it’s crucial to recognize that AI will have a significant influence on your career and that you should strive to master the foundations of how it operates in many industries.

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You can read the full article on this topic here.

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