Top 3 Ways to Change Job in Finance

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Moving within a company or field of expertise may be a difficult challenge. Therefore, before reaching their desired professional objective, an individual may need to change job in Finance industry and pass through several branches.

Furthermore, a career in Finance provides a wide range of options, from large corporations to small businesses.

If you are working in the Finance sector, here are the three easy ways to change job in Finance.

#1: Transition within your finance function

Finance covers many different jobs: accounting, FP&A, project controlling, treasury, tax, etc. And within each of these categories of jobs, you still have specialties. For example, in accounting, you can have management accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, HR accounting, and expenses management.

#2: Change Job in Finance within Your Company to A New Department

With Finance being at the cross-road of many departments, you have many opportunities. This is because you have the connections and the general background knowledge to move to a new department.

I have seen a lot of finance people moving to HR, Project Management, Sales & Marketing, Procurement, and IT. Therefore, your advantage in getting hired is your finance skills and your network to work on topics that are less technical but more business oriented.

#3: Work for Another Unit

You can apply to work for another team within your company. Either by doing a change of division or making a geographical change. As a result, your advantage is to be able to use your experience and the processes and tools of the company to be quickly operational.

Conclusion – Change Job in Finance within Your Company

If you want to change your job, start to look within your company. In other words, processes are faster and easier than applying outside. Also, you keep your advantages and your network, and the change is smoother at the beginning compared to working for another company.

Finally, I am curious to hear what you think is the best way to continue advancing in your career. Will you move within your company or change to another company?

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