Mega FP&A Guide for Finance Professionals

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I created an FP&A Mega Guide, which is a compilation of my best visual content for FP&A and Finance Professionals. Why did I create it, and why is FP&A important?

The series of strategic tasks known as FP&A—planning, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis—enables a business’s continued financial stability and capacity for expansion. Also, by fusing corporate strategy with decision-making, FP&A improves the finance department’s capacity to oversee performance.

FP&A Mega Guide Content

  1. The 12 FP&A Principles
  2. How To Be Finance Business Partner
  3. Three Principles For Finance Professionals
  4. PVM Analysis: Application In Real Life
  5. How To Calculate The Exchange Rate Effect
  6. Vertical Analysis
  7. Infographic Financial Analysis
  8. Budgeting Process
  9. Zero Based Budget
  10. Forecast Method: Risks & Opportunities
  11. Sales Forecasting – Opportunity Stage
  12. Rolling Forecast
  13. CAPEX – Budget and Control
  14. Infographic – Sales Forecasting
  15. Infographic – 9 Levers To Improve Your Cash
  16. CCC: Cash Conversion Cycle1
  17. 3 Ways To Improve Cash
  18. 3 Ways To Automate Your Work
  19. 10 Chart Design Tips
  20. How To Select The Most Appropriate Chart
  21. Excel Tip 1: How To Make A Combo Chart
  22. Excel Tip 2: Link A Textbox To A Specific Cell
  23. Excel Tip 3: Reporting Figures In Thousands And Millions
  24. Excel Tip 4: How To Solve Circular References
  25. Excel Tip 5: How To Repeat Row Labels
  26. Top 10 Excel Specialists To Follow
  27. 10 Ways To Improve Your Reporting
  28. CV Tips For Finance

Mega Guide for FP&A

12 FP&A Principles

Here are the twelve FP&A principles.

  1. Develop a strategic long-range plan and identify specific initiatives & projects/ plans to execute it.
  2. Identify resources needed to implement projects/plans and put them in the budget.
  3. In addition, understand how operational plans will drive financial results and monitor the progress of those plans.
  4. Quickly identify the business reasons behind plan-to-actual financial variances.
  5. Also, make course adjustments when falling behind on financial or operational goals.
  6. Cascade both financial & non-financial operational targets down the organization to more specific targets.
  7. Furthermore, hold people accountable for delivering financial results & link to financial incentives.
  8. Moreover, hold people accountable for delivering operational results & link to financial incentives.
  9. Identify what drives business success and develop KPIs for those drivers.
  10. Establish long-term and shorter-term targets for the KPIs.
  11. Additionally, develop initiatives and operational projects to achieve KPI targets.
  12. Finally, monitor the results of KPIs and link them to financial incentives.

The Bottom Line – The Mega FP&A Guide Will Boost Your Career Immediately

FP&A will continue to grow in value inside firms as it develops; it will always be a part of finance. But the information it offers and the tales it tells will guide choices throughout the firm, even at the highest levels. Furthermore, this mega FP&A guide will help you accelerate your career in no time!

If you are currently thinking of transitioning to a new role and want to grow your analytical skills, discover how my course can help you.


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